19 July 2011

Welsh Rarebit anyone?

In the reading/research category, I have come across a couple sources for free online novels. I checked some of the books and these will go into the "when I have time" category.  I thought some of you might like to check these out.

Free online novels. Jennifer L Armstong Does not link to pornographic material. - submissions page notice.  If you come across any, let her know, she will remove it.   This is the only link I can provide for this.  You will have to bookmark the page.  

The other one I added to Blogs I follow - Free Online Novels link.  Some of those are in PDF format.  Not sure who the owner is as there is no about page.  There are a couple email links for submissions or broken links.  The rest are novels.  

Both of these were mentioned in the "Smashwords Book Marketing Guide." by Mark Coker.  I checked out a couple more links listed on the Blogs link Introduction page.  No time to do more than a cursory glance.  

I have added a couple books to my library.  Mind, most of any links I provide will be fantasy books that I know not all are enamored of.  I have been fascinated by magic since I was a small child.  I had dreams involving magic, or the use of magic, inspired by television shows that were "popular in my day" that greatly disappointed me upon waking.  Teehee.  Another fascination is dragons.  Well, anything mythological really.   

Magic and history do not go together in many people's thinking.  Some of the books I may link to will be history books.  Yes, those dry, fact filled tomes we read from grade 1 to graduation.  10th grade if one was lucky enough to get the classes one wanted.  And cookbooks.  I may or may not post about trying the recipes, I like to collect recipes "in case" and now will have room for them.  I may even try some of those recipes. 

Years back, in one of my recipe trying days, I made one called "Mock Crown Roast" with a Welsh Rarebit sauce.  It turned out very delicious.  I set it out on the table and everything. I've tried to find it again.  It was in one of the books my mother has.  I've looked and looked, even searching on the 'net.  My sis asks me to make it every now and then.  That is the only time we've ever had it.  I could probably make the crown roast part as it was only mashed potatoes surrounded by hot dogs.  The sauce is what made the dish.  

I remember most of the sauce ingredients.  Enough to know that most of the recipes I saw weren't the right one.  Maybe one day I can find it once more.  Does anyone know of a delicious Welsh Rarebit recipe?

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