20 July 2011



The stars bright little white dots in the sky
The sky a deep blue for most of its expanse
The lake filled with reflections of the sky
In the north pinpricks of color start to dance

The night air sounds of frogs crying for rain
The field full of creatures arriving for the show
The tree leaves turn in anticipation of rain
In the west clouds begin to form and billow

The village sleeps and dreams pleasant feelings
The island shadows begin to detach from rocks
The earth echoes of the days deeds reeling
In the south night winds glide through the shocks 

The creatures stop to watch, frogs still their cries 
The island shadows halt, village dreams are quit, 
The sky, lake, clouds, wind, earth all still the sighs
In the east the sun rises slow, steady, color filled light

The village Elder alone, head back, arms raised, 
Asema in one hand, feather in the other
Village silent, eyes, ears, hearts, dream glazed
The moment, anticipation, gratitude, wonder

The sun rises, burst of colors filling the sky
The moon holds, one last glance at those below
Sun and Moon join the morning sky
Village Elder begins his song to grandmother Moon and father Sun

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