21 July 2011

Transitions [or check your emails.]

Once again the day is filled with sunshine.  Today is much more relaxed from yesterday.  I was in the middle of checking out blogs to follow again.  Lo and behold.  A screen telling me a company had taken over my blog.  


Tried to get into my website.  Nothing doing.  Password wasn't working.  Tried to get into my email.  Then went to my domain host.  Yep.  My domains are still mine.  Then, spent a frantic few minutes trying to find my sign in page again.  Password reset or not?  Maybe I just read the screen wrong.

Now, I couldn't  get into the password reset email because I wasn't able to get into that either.  Time to ponder the situation.  Not much time for this though.  Sometimes It's a race against time to regain control of your accounts.  

After a couple minutes thought, I checked my domain's settings.  I had kept a copy of the mumbo jumbo that sets up the records.  Yay, those checked.  Went back to the signin page.  Couldn't sign in.  What the heck is going on?  

Had to do some searching to try find my sign in page again. {it's bookmarked now.}  More frantic moments.  "This domain for sale" sent me back to my domain registrar.  Upon signing in, I find out that if you have your heart set on a certain domain, the registrar will broker for you and try to get the domain.  For a price of course.  Well.  Now what?

A few minutes calm deliberation provided success.  Remembered I had bookmarked the page. Sigh of relief, then a deep breath again.  I got into the website.  It is somewhat different.  

Checked my email for the latest news.  A warning at 10 ((or thereabouts) that site was being transitioned in a few hours time.  Then, just a few seconds before my account went nutty, an email "Site is being transitioned now.  Please advise your users...."  

A search of the site's help center showed me everything that I had been warned to do a month ago.  I  didn't understand what they meant at the time.  Now, of course, I do know.  From frantic, breathholding, click, click what? click click drats.  

Spent the next couple hours resetting everything, going about fulfilling the instructions that are now helpfully provided.  So, now I have a blog set apart from my website because my own company had taken over my own website's blog.

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