22 July 2011

Musings from the writer within

Getting up this morning was a bit hard. I've got some more of my stories ready. Thinking about doing an anthology with 4 short stories. Managing time to blog is getting better for me, along with editing, revising those drafts. I'm gad I had that many drafts. Those novels were written during Nanowrimo, 7 of them, 4 were started at various times and never saw the light of revising and one is the one I started as the challenge with my son.

I giggle at some of the paragraphs. Thought I'd have a hard time with revising. The actual story is not a problem. It's the notes I stuck here and there. One or two words just doesn't make sense with this much time gone. So much for the advice of writing everything down. I still have the pictures in my head for each one of them. Yay.

At this stage, all the characters are patiently waiting their turn. It's like a family reunion, the way they're crowding around. I used to read some of the other writer's posts about this very thing. I didn't see how that could happen. Now, I do know. It's fun now because each one of them are their own person and I'm getting advice from some of them on how to rework a scene.

Such scenes in my head means that I'd better get those short stories out there or it's gonna be reunion gone haywire. Hah. I'm sure some are picturing a clash/bash or two that they'd really rather not have attended.

There was this short in a folder with no title on it. I thought it was more notes, web addresses. Not. I'm glad I found this one. It might be the first one I'll publish. It's based on an idea that my mom gave me a few years ago. It's taken on a life of its own and I got the willies just reading it. I thought, 'I wrote this?"

Enough of my musings for this day. Happens to be one of the days I have little time between shifts. That story? It's supposed to be fantasy. I think it's more horror. Maybe dark fantasy?

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