23 July 2011


It's great to hear the thunder. It's still off in the distance. I am glad for the rain. It's been dry here. Yesterday, went for a walk with my sisters. Could have used some of the cool then. After the walk, I was sitting on the porch having my daily "habit that most of the world thinks I should quit" and the wind had changed from south to north. Yay. I hoped most of the lightening would happen while I was sleeping.

I like to listen to thunder. Just not for hours upon hours. That's when I think the Spirits might be getting angry because no one is listening to them. I like to watch the lightening, from a distance. Up close is very heart pounding sort of stuff. I don't want the Spirits to think I am defying them. No, no, no. It's the first displays that I have the greatest appreciation for.

Gentle rain is fine for a day or so. The sound of the rain is peaceful and I can go to sleep listening to that sound. Not Thunderstorms. They make me want to do something. Problem is I don't always know what.

The restless nature of storms highlight my restless nature. That may be why I want to have a blanket handy. Hiding from the storm, from the call of the Thunder Spirit because I'm not doing what I need to be doing. Dreading the lightening because I don't want the stark view of my environment.

Storms don't happen very often. A good thing from my point of view. Looking for the imbalance in myself is scary. Figuring out who, what, where, when and why is not an easy thing. When I do those things, and get a little more in balance, the next storm isn't as scary. In fact, the next few are ones I revel in. I can sit and watch through most of the storm. Sleep sometimes needs to be attended to but I don't huddle under the blankets trying to will myself to sleep.

Sometimes, I have to drive through a storm. Then, it's concentrate, focus, find the right speed to navigate the wet roads. Try to decide if I should slow down, speed up, stop altogether. Try to loosen my grip on the wheel so I can feel the slight changes in the tires. Try to gauge if the wind is changing direction. Sometimes, lightening flashes interfere with my vision. Other times, they startle me and I just know the thunder is going to crash and rattle my eardrums.

When I arrive at my destination, it's great to know I did it. At those times, I feel a greater kinship with the Thunder Spirits. Yes! It's great to be alive. It's great to hear the thunder.

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