26 July 2011

On becoming an Elder

Things have been rather hectic the last couple days. Sunday was search day, not for my USB cord, for a family history file. I'd hoped to find the cord because one of Murphy's laws {at least for me} is I'll find everything but what I'm looking for. The black hole was not in evidence this day, as I didn't find the file, the cord or anything else I had been looking for. I may have chased the brownies away the last time. Yet, I will persevere.

Monday I filled out various applications in anticipation of my official entry into the ranks of the Elders. Reaching this status is a hallmark, an honor that feels unreal. Intellectually, I know that I've earned this status. Emotionally, I'm still learning, therefore, I can't be an Elder. Elders are wise. Elders understand and teach those who are younger the ways of the Tribe.

I have much to learn myself. There are many things I plan on making time for. One shows respect for those who have earned that respect. One honors those who have earned honor. One trusts those who have earned trust. Each year on my birthday, I ask myself if I've earned respect, honor, and trust. Each year, I decide that I have progressed a little further down the path I have chosen. Each year, I tell myself that I will do better in the coming year. I ask for guidance, patience and understanding, for myself and for others.

I've heard it said "You don't have to listen to them. They're just old ladies who need to gossip." This year I've decided that I will look into this thing called "gossip." What, exactly, is gossip? Why are young people being given that advice? I take into consideration; who is telling me what, and why? I have been told, "Ask. Don't be afraid to ask, if you don't know." Yet, it feels like I don't have the knack for asking the right questions the right way. So, does this mean I have nothing of importance to contribute?

No. It means that the experiences I learned from have made me who I am. The contributions I make are based on those experiences and I trust, honor and respect those who have helped me get to where I am today.

I enter a new phase of my life, one where I will continue to learn. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. For me, there will always be something new to learn, something new to see, something new to do. I enter this new phase with faith, hope and courage. I will continue to earn trust, respect, and honor as I continue to give those to others. Life is a circle.

That family history file I was looking for is important to all of us in my family. I am in contact with family members who are asking for what I can contribute, and who I will learn from. Yes, it is good to know I have earned the right to be called "Elder" and will pass on what I have learned to those who want to know. {which brings up another subject I've often wondered about. Don't worry, I am done philosophizing for this day.}

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