28 July 2011

Fiction is the theme for August

I was able to post my blog link on Nablopomo to begin posting every day for a month. The theme for the month is Fiction. Fiction is what I want to get published. Yay. I've posted a summary of the projects I am currently working on earlier. I have a total of 43 posts since I started way back in 2008 or thereabouts. Should have 76 or so by the end of August. I know there are prizes for people who do post every day. Will I make it? "Only the Shadow knows" as my dear dad likes to tell me.

I'm giving fair warning what my posts will be generally. This is like being in school, getting the assignment, planning, wondering how I'm going to fill up the space with the required words. Luckily, this theme doesn't have a required amount of words. I have all sorts of ideas pushing themselves around trying to get my attention. Fiction can mean so many different things.

There's the fiction one tells one parents when one is out past curfew. Fiction is usually the basis of explanations for why something is not done. {Lies, all lies. You know who} Fiction is found in all areas of life. The one I will focus on is the fiction I write in the hopes of being published. This will entail self publishing because I don't have the patience to send out queries, wait for a rejection, send out again. That is a loop that weeds out those less serious about writing. Then again....One needs to decide why one writes.

Fiction also means books, image on the badge for the month. I may or may not write about fiction books, because those books can be so boring when they're written to a formula. Or if the world they build is not believable. Or if the writer tries to hard. I have taken the time in the past few years to analyze writers whose work I admire. I've checked how they did what they did, why they put this and that in the story. All the elements that in high school, I found so tedious when I had homework assignments. {the reason it's taken me 30 years to read Pride and Prejudice. I noted 40 years earlier because I have been reading books since I learned how to read in first grade.}

Besides, the hallmark for me is if I find a book I like, I read til I finish it. Thus, depending on the number of words, I may find myself reading when I "should" be writing. That would put me in a terrible dilemma. It would be a battle between reading and writing. I'm not sure I want to find out which would win; reading or writing. Cause I have the feeling that reading just might win out.

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