29 July 2011

Childhood dream

Very soon all caution will be thrown to the winds. A new phase of life begins, a new attitude will be forged from the ashes of the old and time will be critical. Most people want to slow down and relax during their retirement years. I'm not doing that. I'm well on my way to adding stress, tension and unknown foreseen plots to my way of life.

I'm not officially retired, just entering the ranks of the Elders. I want to explore the world of books from the vantage of the inside, not just the pleasurable aspects of exploring worlds others have created. I will be exploring the real world also, traveling to far flung places. I've saved some money hoping to realize my childhood dream of visiting Stonehenge, checking out the Tower of London, seeing if the grass is really made of emeralds, kissing the Blarney Stone.

That last underwent a slight change after I found out one had to lean down to do so. I will ponder on that item as I make the preparations to visit. I'd like my mother to be able to go. My sons aren't really into it. Their interests are in the opposite side of the world.

Now, I've made some tentative plans for financing the rest of my visit. Hopefully, those will be finalized in the next few weeks. Adventure is about to hit my life and magic will create memories to last a lifetime and beyond. {I really believe magic exists. It's not the cast a spell type, change the environment, one needs to study for years one either; though there are reports that people can and have done so. No, I believe it's already around us. The spells have already been cast. One just needs to reach out and touch the results. }

Once I've realized that dream, I have a couple others that are lining themselves up, jostling for the second position. Methinks, I will leave it so for awhile.

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