30 July 2011

Surfing and madmares

Aaniin. Greetings. I've been surfing the net once again. Most interesting. I read a few blogs about writing. Most are about technique, making time etc. Haven't read all of them. Looking for some who are more inspirational for me. I don't want to get too bogged down with craft type blogs. I'm the type who will inevitably start to worry about what people think of my writing, is it good enough, that sort of thing. I write because I want to. It is good to know that I am tightening up my sentences. It's good to know my grammar is readable. {I say that because some of my writing is based on dialogue-not always spoken with perfect grammar.}

I am looking for a few blogs written by crafts people. I enjoy crafts such as beading, quilting, working with colors mostly. Some crafts, I mostly admire. I don't have the inclination to actually do these things myself. After all, I only have 24 hours, six of which I spend in refreshing sleep. {Okay, last night I had a madmare. Not to be confused with nightmare. This is one of those dreams that I get angry with someone and try to give them a piece of my mind. Then someone in the real world wakes me up. "Are you having a nightmare?' "No, I'm mad." Stayed mad for a full 45 minutes after waking. Mostly, cause I couldn't get my words said. My family weren't the ones I was mad at. And staying mad about it is not good. It is something over which I have no control, thus a waste of time and energy.}

I'm also trying to find a blogger with my sense of humor. Not very many of those. In fact, there are only about 10 that I've come across. And are there any Shinab bloggers besides me? And are there any who listen to the type of music I do. Not many. I found one who had an excellent playlist on her blog. {I'm still figuring that out. Playlists are my next objective. So far, I listen to my son's list. Not always what I want to hear at the moment.}

I found some websites containing info I need to strengthen my understanding of the sciences, math and magic. I may post these at some point. I am looking for the sites I used to use before the motherboard gave up the last bit of electronic data I had stored and went out in a star shaped burst of blue-white glory. The geeks here have the hard drive but I haven't taken the time to try to pull those. I think he said some of the files were fried. I did get the ones most important-my writing. Then I also found a tool to restore the backup from my x drive. Yay. My family history files.

Oh, I changed the desktop background. It's got more colors to frame windows I have open. Looks nice. Has a few of my favorite colors. Yippee. And floral too. Yes. Makes a difference in my attitude. {I'd have to say I'm fully over my madmare.} Guess I will continue to surf and see if I can find a few of those blogs or sites. Somewhere there has to be more of what I'm looking for. Could get lost for days in this library.

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