31 July 2011

Blue clear sky

Blue clear sky, deep green tree outlined against that sky. Warm sunshine, able to curl up like a cat does this morning. Woke up early this a.m. and promptly went back to sleep. Woke up an hour later to the beautiful morning, fresh coffee {made by my brother}, sat on the porch enjoying my first you know what.

My soul is singing, my feet are dancing, all the while my body is sitting in the sun. I'm enjoying the music composed by Gitchimanitou. Extremely gratifying. Yes, singing and dancing is how I feel this day. Being relaxed, doing things one at a time.

Online, looking at various sites, trying to figure out what the next scene in my story contains. Commented on one blog earlier this morning. I just went back to check on something she posted {Blogolopolis} and look over the comments. The last two are dated "August 1, 2011" and mine is July 31, 2011. Whoohoo. Birthday started already and I didn't even finish this day. Wonders of date line. Yes. Does that mean I am now officially an Elder? Must I wait until 0000 hrs. our time? A point to ponder.

I have several ponders in the works. Must set up a spreadsheet for listing them. Or should I just leave it for posterity to ponder on? Might give them something to hunt down, hey, it could even be a homework assignment or something. Or it might even become the subject of whatever passes for movies in the future. Could become something like our searches through the ancient past. I think some of those writings are like our form of graffiti. Someone might spend their entire life researching my ponders on this blog. Hah. Well, it's a nice thought that.

See what happens when you get nice sunshiny days and nothing pressing to do. I can let my imagination soar in that blue clear sky. I mean clear, blue sky, I think. Somehow, methinks George Strait has influenced me more than I thought. Blue clear sky it is.

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