01 August 2011

Camp Nanowrimo and Birthday

I've discovered Camp Nanowrimo. Actually, I had donated to the cause earlier in the year. What one does at this camp is write a novel in 31 days. There was one held in July and now in August. Hadn't been keeping up with the latest in the Nanowrimo world. For some reason, my second favorite haunt isn't showing the post from this organization, the Office of Letters and Light. It shows my gaming posts though. Must be the ones with the most activity.

So, the idea is to write a completely new novel from scratch. Since I already have a few that need revising, I'm going to be editing those for publishing. The word count one sees will be the number of words in my finished novel. Good enough? I think there's an editing one somewhere. I did that one one time, or rather started it. I haven't come across it lately. I will check it. {there is a forum on the Nanowrimo site with info on editing and publishing. More help if one needs it}

On another note, I decided to put all my genealogy posts in a separate blog. Easier to keep track of. There will be links to sites of interest. I will give hints for the roadblocks I had and talk about finding ways through or around the ones I still have. For the most part, I won't be posting there as often, twice a month at the most.

May I be excused for not posting as much this day? It is my birthday. I'm gonna celebrate in the manner which I've become accustomed to. Teehee.


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