02 August 2011

Guest Blogger - My father

Well, I received the guest blog entry. The guest blogger is my father, of course. He is the man who wrote a column called "Facts by Ax" in the reservation newspaper in the nineties. Here is his entry:

computers make it less complicated to do more things, but most of the things they make less complicated to do don't need to be done.

Methinks he's having a bit of fun with me. Fathers. He does cryptograms. He calls me on the phone to give me words of wisdom. The foregoing is an example of the words he expects me to live by. And now, that his debut is over, maybe we'll get more of the same. Or not.

One never really knows just what he is likely to write. And, of course, now you have an idea of where I get some of my humor from. Ahhh well. I shouldn't have told him to keep it short. It must be my own fault. Methinks a submissions guideline is in order specifically tailored to my father. I must get to working on that right away.

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