05 August 2011

Fantasy, fiction, gremlins and brownies

Discovery of the great good news yesterday has freed me from worries regarding my Publishing goals. I have commenced writing in earnest now, at least 6 hours a day. What a great feeling. Regarding the theme of fiction, I suppose I can count the posts because my novels are fiction-fantasy to be exact. Speaking of: I just found out there is high fantasy and low fantasy with many subgenres. I should say-just exactly what is meant by each. Ahhh. I should just leave searching for other things to read alone for awhile. It's all just making my head hurt. I really don't want to get involved in that sort of discussion. Enough that I am back to writing great stretches of novels at one sitting. {Methinks I'd better clip my nails. Going back to delete the extra letters or add a space between words is getting too tiresome and will distract me when I start revising those novels.}

I've recently reorganized the black hole area and things are still getting sucked into it. I wonder if the recent heatwave has anything to do with the strength of the thing's reach. Or maybe I've made it easier for the gremlins to conduct their experiments. I can see them now. Snickering and having a grand old time with the placement of objects. Maybe, they've invented a new game to amuse themselves. And the last few months were the beta phase. Now, that they've worked out the bugs, they are practicing in earnest for the Grand Tournament to be held sometime in the next few months. Could be they're deciding to have mini-tournaments to decide where to have the Grand Tournament. I so hope they decide to hold it elsewhere.

I hope that the gremlins latest activity is what is keeping the brownies from helping me find some of the currently lost items. In which case, I can't wait for the gremlins to move on to the next testing place. Maybe I can get some of the items that have been left here...ahh.could it be? The brownies are delivering the items back to their originals owners and that is why I haven't seen any evidence of their presence. {Maybe they are getting tired of smucking me upside the head to get my attention. Maybe they have located the USB cord and I'm just not listening?} Will ponder on this as I continue on my goal of 50,000 words by August 31.

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