04 August 2011

Lesson Learned or Image needs polishing

Today's news. I have been looking at all these writer's tips sites, workshops, what have you because I'm trying to find out plot and synopsis. Methinks my parent and sister just might have something with the neon colored "Gullible" on my forehead. Sometimes, I surprise myself. At least my mom has faith in me. She says "You're so smart, you're dumb." Which, when one thinks about it, just may be true.

For instance, yesterday, I was looking up plot. The search bar gave me a web address. Apparently, I had looked at this blog prior and it was "Plot Synopsis Project" posted on 17 March 2008 by Joshua Palmatier. I didn't read far enough. Reason to save some reading for when one has time. Lucky for me, it came up and I clicked it. Dare I say this and risk tarnishing my image? {After my father's bit of fun with me, I think...not much left to tarnish. My image was tarnished to begin with. I find more layers under the tarnish. Polishing is hard work at times.}

Last night, I found out there was more to the post than I had thought. Lo and behold. What do I see but a plot synopsis. There were links to others as well. Light bulb flashes with strobe light intensity. My wondering eyes and shaken up brain beheld the very thing I start my novels with. {Shaking my head in disappointment with myself.} Must go lie down and ponder the situation.

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