20 August 2011

I thought computer programs made life easier

I've been working on a blog that turned into a book. Trying to format it for the self publisher. Hah. The only problem with that is the amount of revising I have to do. Something about turning off the auto correct on the word processing program. I wondered how come I didn't have that many spelling errors. And it explains the revision of sentences though. Heeheehee. They'll be coming to take me away hahahohoheehee.

Some of the other errors involve correcting the links within the book. I had it working when I first set it up. Now, it says the file can't be found. Drats. The link is within the same doggone file. How do you throttle a program's neck?

I went to look at the print preview and the chart I used sometimes spread across two pages. Why is it doing that, I asked myself. Then clomped my head in disgust when I remembered it was supposed to do that.

I've been keeping up with my Camp Nano novel. Switched to the non-fiction book I started. Didn't realize that there were a great many things I wanted to say about being Indian. 42,000 words since my last post is a lot of writing that came fairly easily. I think it's safe to say I will make the 50,000 word count. That's the goal for the month. While visiting my cabin for the day, I had to revise the photo I am currently using for my profile. Took about 9 tries to get it to the correct size while keeping the part of the original I wanted. Didn't help that there are now 3 photo editing programs on my computer.

And fonts keep changing on me. Standard font is Times New Roman, which I find hard to read. I prefer Tahoma. This keeps changing back to Times and it's a chore to have to keep changing it back. Makes me think that gremlins are about again. They must have won their tournament and are now looking for something else to have fun with.

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