23 August 2011

Halfway to Nikes

Since July 27 or thereabouts, I've been walking at least one mile a day six days a week. I might have mentioned this before. Currently I am only one mile behind my sis, the athletic one of the family. We are halfway through the 56 mile requirement to get our first pair of Nikes. This program will be closing sometime in August or September. I didn't check the date, and it was 3 months when we first starting walking. Will have to check today.

We walk on average two miles per day, which works out to 12 miles per week. I did do three miles one day. Arriving at the Fitness Center huffing and puffing, legs feeling rubbery, and throat parched is not my idea of healthy and fit. I forgot how long it's actually been since I walked/jogged/ran for any length for more than two or three minutes. Great good news though. I've managed to lost 7 pounds. Yay.

Just got back from walking three miles. Finally caught up to sis. Now, she's going to be walking faster because she isn't losing weight as much as me. I've told her to walk fast before. She kept walking alongside me. Thanks because forcing me to keep up with you has helped me tremendously.

We have various cheerleaders and supporters while we walk, especially in the evenings. It's nice to see them waving, hear the "Keep going" and "How many miles today?" Last evening, there were three kids who asked if we were going to the Fitness Center. Yes, we were. There are a surprising number of children who wave at us as we walk by. A few of them say hello. I'm tempted to answer "Aaniin." Problem would be they start speaking back and then I'd have a problem. I'd get home and try to repeat what they said to my mom for an interpretation. Some words I know, most Nah.

I'm most glad for the return of the energy I used to have. I think my metabolism has returned to its' previous state. I have a hunger level that's rarely gone. I guess I'll have to eat more veggies and fruits. Well, those are something relatively easy to get for now. My protein needs will be a little more difficult. I don't care for legumes all that much. Still having to eat them would be cheaper than buying the meats. Ahh. I'll just keep my calorie level at around 1700 for now. I think, back in the day, (thanks D.B. for that reminder) that I ate about 2000 calories per day. Never counted them, just have this memory of constantly eating something about every two hours until bedtime. With 18 hours in the day, that's about 8 snacks with one meal. A lot of eating. And a lot more walking.

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