25 August 2011

Tournaments have been held

I thought those little people were having great fun. I received word of their tournament. No word about the results. Seems that they were having regionals. Their next stop must be state, then on to nationals. Could be they're headed to international tournaments. Held back in the old country? Or are they styling them like the Olympics? Must be Word somewhere. I'll be on the lookout for Word of any State tournaments. I think I know where the brownies are. I saw evidence of this when I was walking last evening. The lake was so pretty. They were working on their skills for beautifying their surroundings. There were birds cheering on their efforts. I appreciated this very much. They're having fun themselves.

I've discovered pixies also immigrated from Great Britain. Wow. I've often wondered about pixies. I thought Disney might have distorted their origins. Cause it always seemed to me that Tinkerbell was a fairy. A fairy who uses pixie dust? Pixies don't have pixie dust. Turns out they're mostly from Devon and Cornwall, maybe a small race of Celtic origins. Hmm.

I wonder about this because the little people have tunnels. We were shown the entrances where we weren't supposed to play. The descriptions I read sound awfully familiar. I've not known anyone who went with them though it was a possibility. Hmm.

Will be on the lookout. Maybe I'll do a photo shoot of these places. Methinks I might find out when they immigrated. I've often wondered about our "little people." Off to check out the descriptions of their houses, land, habits, etc. And the tournaments.


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