26 August 2011

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Apparently, I've missed something in my searches on the 'Net. If I mention some product, book, etc., I Must post a disclaimer, explaining the hows and why of the referral. Haven't looked up the exact regulation yet. It's on my "List of Things to Look Up." Methinks I must red ink some of those topics as soon as I can. It is amazing to me that this came up while searching out information about the tournaments. Thus, you will not be subjected to any more such referrals until I find out more about this disclaimer stuff. Had hoped I'd be able to line up my little ducks all in a row as I went along. Someone is using them for target practice before I get a chance.

As witness this post. I started it earlier this morning. Then I posted some comments, read some blogs, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had signed up for something called Writer's Platform-Building Campaign. In the course of finishing the assignment, I suddenly was warned that a site had a malware, advised not to proceed unless I trusted the source, etc.

I immediately logged out of my browser {by the way, I no longer have to wonder about Google Chrome and Malware} and ran my trusty security program. Then did another check with another one. In the meantime, a third one started. {the aforementioned one that likes to interrupt my Cafe and Farm whenever I'm in a hurry.} Six hours later, here I am. Will be finishing what I started this morning.

Somehow, I will persevere and continue on the path I have chosen for the next portion of my journey. Tests notwithstanding, I hope to get my little ducks all in a row.

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