27 August 2011

Eagles and Dragons

Dragons on Lake Superior. Now that's a sight to see. Dragon Boat Races. The very name conjures up images of dragons racing. Today's event will an exciting one to watch. My sis is planning on attending cause two of her daughters are in it. Go Nieces.

I haven't been on my second favorite haunt for some time. Not as regularly as I used to be. That's cause this month is Camp NaNoWriMo which I think most everyone who knows me knows that anything involving NaNoWriMo means writing, writing and more writing. Teehee. I check in occasionally, at least once a day, check the status of my cafe and farm, contribute where I can and get back to writing.

I've only got 19 miles left on the Nikes. Yesterday's walk was okay, in fact, it was a bit exciting. I saw an eagle while rounding the corner down by the lake. It's colors were striking against the bright blue of the sky. Then as I was entering the home stretch, I encountered a group of motorcyclists inquiring about a route. Hey, that reminded me of the old days when we had nothing better than lost tourists, motorists, whatever, to break up the monotony of our day.

A couple of the kids would be asked how to get out of the village. Inevitably, someone would send them to Big Point. Then wait in the ditch to watch as they eventually found their way out. Well, there was no TV to keep us out of mischief. Most times, we didn't get in trouble either because we rarely had witnesses to our little bit of fun. Any adults around meant, of course, that the right directions would be given.

Still, when one has a map and sees that a village is located on a peninsula, why does one need to ask how to get back the way they came? Why does one try to keep forging ahead even though they have the directions? Why doesn't one just retrace their steps back to where one knows where one is at?

Naturally, this logic didn't help when we were being interrogated about our direction giving skills. Any punishments for our lack of compassion didn't deter us in future escapades either. All this changed only when we were in our teens. Still, I think the temptation is there.

All this quickly went through my head as I watched them round the corner. I knew they'd stop and ask. One might have had suspicions. The passenger said he knew how to get to the PD. I had to explain how to get to the four corners and remind the driver that his passenger knew the route to the PD. Must have been the hint of mischief on my face.

I will be leaving shortly to join my sister as we journey to the Dragon Boat Races to watch the Dragons. Imagine that. Eagles and Dragons. Good thing I know the way.


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