28 August 2011

My Eagle/Dragons

We arrived at the Dragon Conclave where there were close to one hundred boats competing. Having missed their first race, we searched up and down Barker's Island for our particular Eagle/Dragons. After a couple hours, two fried rice combos,3 cokes and a trip down craft market, we found them.

Their next race was at 1350 (1:50 p.m.) so we had time to visit. I was sweet talked into cutting fringes on a few shirts. The impromptu fashion session was finished just in time for the race. We made our way down the fairway to the launch area and found a good spot near the finish line. We had a good view of the launch area and could see the starting line. The Sub Jamming Dragons led all the way til they got to the Red line and dropped back to last.

We knew they had a good enough time to continue if....The big if depended on the rest of the heats. Finally at 1700, they got the word. They were in. They won that race and took Gold in their Division.

The third race, the team got together and stayed together all the way, according to my fav niece. They focused and stayed focused til they got the word that they had won first. Shock. That's the state they were in when it was announced that they were first. Of course this led to their immediate disregard for protocol and held their paddles straight up instead of raised just off the water.

I'm very proud of my Eagle/Dragons and the team. They are happy today.

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