29 August 2011

New Comment options added

Another day filled with what ifs and why nots as I continue to write the stories that I have already begun, editing {which is more of the deleting extraneous words, highlighting what I need to look at more closely variety} and making sure my time lines are correct. Have added some more relatives of some of the characters for inclusion in future stories.

Man, I've been busy catching up with reading all the blogs in my groups at the Campaign. Am excited to read quite a few of them as I'd never have found them without this Campaign. I did find some that aren't participating and I've tried to remember who is who. Next is the great hunt for the comment code for FB, etc. In the sidebar is the like button for my FB page.

Neither of the places I looked at brought me any less of a headache. In fact, our sites have to have a certain code by 01 OCT and I am just figuring out the little stuff. heeheehaahaa.

Still and all, I'm satisfied with what I have accomplished for the day. Wishing everyone has as much luck as I did with my machines. Thinking those tournaments must be heating up because things are going great here. [Yay doing cartwheels]

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