22 November 2011

"Don't click on the links"

I have a new outlook on life as reflected in my blog. In part, this outlook has been influenced by the techies. I have been doing research of a sort as background for two of my novels. I've decided that I will only have to work in those types of details for five of my characters, thus only two books. Yay. I was going to have one character be in most of the novels dealing with tech portion of the history timeline of my world.

Then, after reading and following a few techies, I decided that I'd only do two novels. Much of my timeline will deal with earlier portions of history as those are what I'm most familiar with. Why did I title my post the way I did? In the course of my research among the techie blogs, I came across one in the Blogger world, the forums. If you do any delving at all in that forum, you'll probably have come across the most helpful one's post and possibly even checked his blog.

In the course of being helpful, there are the usual number of people who follow the maxim "When all else fails, read the directions," he has found a way to tell people how to stop referrer spam. Thus "Don't click the links" has become my mantra. I came across it again yesterday in the course of trying to figure out how to get those off the stats portion of my dashboard. Yay. I looked for help first remembering my other foray into the fast moving world of high tech.

Yes, I learned the hard way not "to click the links." Simple. Now, mind you, those posts were from a year ago but I've just gotten those from about a month or two ago. I had hoped they'd be gone by now. Being the sort that tries to learn from one mistake, I entered the help forum at Blogger. There they were, the three dastardly musketeers and of course, I read for about an hour. There was a post about editing html and such. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark that particular post. Thus I only have half the info I needed. I was too tired to do anything more last night. This morning after the usual chores, visiting my second and 7th favorite haunts, I decided I was going to try the portion that takes hours.

Well, one of the helpful suggestions I remembered is what I tried already. The rest of it is going to take a few trial and errors which is what I seriously didn't want to have to do at this point. Therefore, those of you who have links on my site, not to worry. I have to test them all. There were only three that I had added or clicked on that need to be tested. Thank goodness, I haven't put up the pages link section yet. Once again, I think the brownies are being helpful. As it is, I can only do one thing at a time, even though I have millions of to-do's in my head. One of the other things is the dratted scheduler again. I used it once and once only. Now I have to keep resetting it.

HaHaHahaHeeheeheeheeHoHoHoHo. They'll definitely be coming to take me away sometime before the new Year if this keeps up. Well, I finally sent off a help request and will be doing any sort of suggestion that comes up. I hope the mallet falls and hard on those 3 dastardly musketeers and the righteous Musketeers win the day.

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