21 November 2011

On posting at my second favorite haunt

I am beginning to think that someone is trying to tell me something over at my second favorite haunt. I've tried posting an approval for 2 family members. For the fourth time in the past 10 days, I've had to review and approve their claim to be members of my family.

On the other hand, could it be that with the issue of enrollment popping up, someone doubts that we're related? How could that be? I've spent the last 8 years documenting that very issue. That's the problem nowadays. One has to have things in writing for a valid claim legally. Then again, one has to doubt that very same legality all because some clerk has made an error and refuses to own up to it.

A clerk dropped one letter in my name and I never knew I was misspelling my name for 16 years until the day my father corrected the clerk when I applied for my driver's license. However, that very same error followed me for the next 20 years. Until the day I asked a clerk down to the capital about what it would take to fix that error. Now, it's fine and dandy until....I discovered that in the aftermath of delivering my sons, a mistake was entered on their birth certificates which wasn't caught for 31 years. Now, to correct that, I have to pay $40 per, go to court, wait for comparisons and get the corrections. On the other hand {I'm fast running out of hands, maybe I'll use my fingers, then on to my toes,} I mentioned earlier that I had finally gotten my birth snafu straight?

Well, I found out that a more serious error had been entered on my birth certificate when it was transferred to the handy dandy new system. I now have a totally new father due to transposition of letters in his name. I've yet to tell my father about this error. Can you imagine what...I can see it now. Fourth of July fireworks would pale beside those over his house. Correcting that may or may not cost me depending on what the comparisons show between those certificates. However, that brings into question, my siblings bc's.

All I can say about those snafu's are that we'd better get them corrected while we can. Else I can see us bringing into court dozens of papers, boxes of newsclippings and what have you just to prove that my father's name was misspelled. And I'd still have the problem of my name being misspelled. Jiminy Cricket, where are you?

Maybe it's due to the above mentioned snafu's that my second favorite haunt doesn't believe me when I approve my family members request to be listed as family. Oh good grief, I just thought of something. Did I ... enter ... the T w i l i g h t Z o n e?

Will Mulder and Scully be contacting me?

Did I book passage on the Enterprise and get transported to a galaxy far, far away?...Will I....