01 November 2011

November is that time again

Every year for the past five years, I've been getting ready for the trick or treaters and writing at midnight, 01 November, [0000] which is what I did tonight. I've been getting my sort of outline ready. Spent the last couple days looking over the NaNo site. Some changes have taken place.

A n n d, on my third favorite place, I've been frantically trying to get a 50% 4 in 1 stove for the you know what. and doing the three or so Catering Orders with it's attendant goals. You know the ones that everyone [at least the ones I see in "the forums,"] likes to complain about because there is so much to do in one 7-10 day period.

Some of us have even managed to convert all our stoves to the handy-dandy 50% ones. Not the nifty little 4-in-1. Oh no, that one you have to trick or treat and that involves going to your buddies walls. Now the fine thing would be a light or something like the kiddies have. Then you'd know if someone had a treat. I think it might have been something to do with the trick or two that happened to get posted. Those aren't as noticible. Drats. NaNo has affected me already and I only wrote 50 words.

I manage to stay awake until midnight, write my paragraph and go to sleep. This year, I am also trying to do a little more than I usually do. I have the cover for the book set. Now to get the thing uploaded while at the same time not worrying about editing. Not sure how that is going to work out. Might not make 50,000 words.

I also spent a lot of time sleeping since I got back from "the trip." I did get a chance to look over the pictures and will be setting up a photo album. I will also be working on my neighbor's camera and Ipad whenever the camera gets here. She mailed it to herself. Then I will have a few more of the prettier, ...not prettier, more stunning pictures of Bryce Canyon. Antelope Canyon was breathtaking also.

The Grand Canyon which was the highlight of the trip was not as awe inspiring because I was so high up. We didn't go down into the canyon. The rim where I walked to take pictures didn't have a railing. Of course, I walked along looking at the little 3x4 window of the camera. I happened to really look at the ground, saw the round stones, saw how close the edge was and decided it was not the place to be tripping. I usually manage to walk into something during the day. [Father used to yell at me "Get your nose out of that book. You're supposed to be cooking." Sigh, thump, ouch for grabbing the hot handle of the griddle.] It was along that order, so I moved a couple feet away and didn't get many good shots. Huuuuah.

Well, what do you know? I wrote more in this blog than I did for the official start of Nano.

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