16 June 2012

A hair of the dog...

This a.m. I peacefully rolled over on the couch where I had fallen asleep whilst waiting for my free spins to finish last p.m.  I heard my brothers talking about that dreaded wormhole eater which some of us know and have a love/hate relationship with. I opened my eyes to see my brother cleaning off his screen.  Closed my eyes and went back to sleep.  Woke up bout an hour or so later.

Commenced to find out what they were talking about and told them to refresh.  Big brother was still grumbling on his way out the door as he was going to work.  I asked him if he wanted us to keep trying.  "If  you can get in." growled from his driver side door.

I checked on my doings and this is when I found out I had fallen asleep in the middle of something, a g a i n.  Finished that and went to the wormhole eater myself.  Whereupon I promptly found that I still had to wait.  Dagnabbed goals, goals and more goals.  I then turned my attention to Big brother's problem.

I studied the computer and in the midst of this, the internet went down.  I reset the modem {which is wireless and if one patiently waits for 10 seconds or so, one can usually be reconnected} and checked that my screens went back to where they had been. {The other thing is to make sure the connection worked as mine is the controlling factor in all this.}  Those were hunkydory, asked little bro if his was working, yes he had had to reconnect for some reason.  Think it has to do with impatience.  He had clicked buttons instead of letting the computer do the work for him.

Next on the agenda was Big bro's laptop.  Tried this and tried that.  Took little bro's advice and hit the F2 and Cntrl and the screen went dark. "What did it do?"  "Don't know.  Hit the one next to it."  "No, that's why I never use those shortcut buttons" "well,..."  Whereupon I hit the diagnostic buttons as the internet connection helpful advisor thingy was wanting me to do.

There was a set of steps it was asking me to do. Tried one and when that didn't work, promptly pulled up the control panel thinking I had to do the whole connect to network thingamajig again.  Went to look for the ethernet cable.  Dahh, wireless.  Well, after looking at eight - ten different screens, I finally noticed one which said that the wireless connection was turned off.  Upon reading the directions on how to turn it on, I checked the front, sides and top of the computer for the button with the power to make several normally sensible adults stark raving in a matter of moments.  "How do you turn on the wireless connection? {I have a desktop, the rest have laptops....} Didn't pay that much attention to little bro as he was helpfully trying to tell me where to find it.  He stood over me and was looking as I was just about ready to toss in the towel and give up for the day.  "There it is"

I looked at the never to be touched shortcut buttons.  Aha! A little tower with radio signals painted right on the F12 button blinking a bright red.  I hit this button, the light turned green.  Viola!  Big bro was connected once again.  Whereupon, little bro and I sat and congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

After a little checking to make sure all was well, we promptly continued on our mission of finishing those dagnabbed goals that take up so much of our day.  Then little bro started laughing.  Giving him the sidewise look, wondering if I should ask, he shook his head.  "I bet he turned it off himself.  He was cleaning his screen this morning. Said he couldn't get in since 6 this morning."

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