14 June 2012

Take five, everyone

Today, I'm going to "take five" and think about some of the events that contributed to the current mode of thinking that resulted from yesterday's circle spinning. It's a good day for it. I like listening to the rain pattering on the roof. Long as it's a patter and not drum beats.

Though sometimes, it has to be drumbeats as I don't always pay attention. I get too caught up in my current project. At times, I worry too much about someone I care about. I forget that it's their life, not mine. There are consequences that the Spirits have put in their path for a reason. The ones I need to worry about are the children as they need guidance which they don't always want. That is different from adults who have received the guidance they need and have chosen not to listen. Those paths are the ones I still want to fix and therein lies the problem.

When does one let go and when does one step in? A fine line when one wants only good things to happen for someone. No, that's not it. It's more not wanting them to have to face the consequences of the particular action they are considering or have taken. This must come from the Spirits who will guide them on that path if they want it. My part is to listen to my own Protector and either do something or not as the situation calls for and to remember that those other paths may only move alongside mine for a short time. Others may move alongside for a long time.

The other thing to remember is that even the Creator says no upon occasion. Other times, he says go ahead, or even wait. And that's sometimes extremely difficult to remember when my own balance is off. I don't hear the voices of the ones sent to help guide me in my path, so why expect someone else to do that all the time? It's not enough that I have standards of perfection that are just a bit too high for a person to reach without help?

It's then I need to remember that in reaching for, and falling away, from those standards is when I get stronger if I pick myself back up and try again. Particularly if it's "muscles" not used very often. And since that's true for me, it's true for someone else. Well, that seems to be all that I want to say at this moment in the five that I have taken. Miiew.

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