02 June 2012

SahGiiBahGah Days 2012

The day dawns on the SahGiiBahGah Powow. I took these early this morning just after sunrise. My brother said he went down last night and there were only two tents set up. These were brave enough to set up their tents in the dark.

The early morning hours on the first day are great for relaxing from the week's stress, letting the peace and quiet relax one's spirit. Most powwows are held by lakes whenever possible. Anishinabe are a people to whom water is important.

Our migration story is we were originally from the Great Water in the east. Over generations, we followed a guide to this lake. Tomorrow, a canoe race will be held. I've never raced in the races though I've watched them.

Will post more as the day goes on. I have a few things that I need to get done as most people in the village contribute to the meals-breakfast and dinner which are served on both days. Yesterday was the time for picking up items we'd need and then a frantic last minute dash for more items. We'd got back late, well, around 2230 (1030 p.m.) and some of those intrepid souls were led into the village. I passed a couple cause a motorcycle was immediately in front of me. Their continual slowing, speeding up brought a vague unease.

After I passed the two vehicles, they kept up with me all the way to the village. So, a good deed was accomplished as they arrived in the village a couple minutes faster than they otherwise would have. Now, my mom and I are going to enjoy ourselves before cooking something for the feast.

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