03 June 2012

SahGiiBahGah (continued)

Evening Session
Yesterday, fun was great for mom, not so much for me. Upon our return, sandwiches were the next item of business. I stopped at the pow wow and snapped these photos. As it was supper break, I came home and waited for my cousin to let me know when she was ready to make her entrance at the doings.


Upon our arrival, warmups were happening. As a round dance was playing, I tried a few steps. Not in the circle, of course. Barely made it through about 10 steps. Then Grand Entry and I barely made it through the Veteran's Song. Well, looks like the Crow Hop and Sneakup are not in my future any time soon. Reiteration: Be careful in your shower: Use bath mats, particularly if you use the new soaps with oils added. This advice is doubly important if one plans on dancing for the rest of one's life. Not sure I can even handle traditional dancing now.

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