06 June 2012

Some days are tough

Sunday was an eventful day for me. I spend an awful lot of time trying to find various members of my family. And it's all the more remarkable because most of the places I search are of a size where they could be easily found. Used to be when my grandma, mom or auntie said to "stay where I can see you" meant that we did just that. And it was the uncles who came looking for us if we didn't. So, it wasn't only the grandma's, mom's or aunt's displeasure we faced. And they were my favorite uncles.

My oldest brother and I went down to watch the canoe races. It was a good morning for it-no wind and the sun hadn't warmed up yet. I watched the walkers in the annual event go by while we were at the landing. My brother and I thought hard about trying it after we heard what the current time was. No go though. Maybe next year?

I went home and commenced getting ready to cook. My cousin came up and we went to the powwow grounds. Since I was supposed to be cooking, I had to check on it. Another cousin called and asked me to deliver her dish also. After delivering the dishes, my wandering was a prelude to the one commenced just a couple hours later. I found the first mentioned cousin with her children. After getting the little ones fed, we decided to end the day a bit early. This was where tranquility more or less ended.

My youngest brother wanted a ride home. My son's car isn't big enough for his family being that seat belts are required. My father was willing to take them home. Catch is it had to be before dark as dad no longer has the vision of an eagle. And brother wanted to stay til the end, meaning a couple more hours. Thus began my journey to obtain transportation for all while saving my father a trip.

I went to his house to inform him of the change in plans. Plan being that I would use his car to take both families home and hoping it was fine with him. He was "down to the powwow." For such a small village, it sure is hard to find someone. Turned out he was checking on the fish at the feast whilst I was wandering the grounds looking for him. Then we needed to get the vehicle ready-gas and air in the tires. By this time, we needed to hurry. Reason for the rush? It rained. And the little ones were tired. Good thing the rain poured only long enough to get the ground soaked and moccasins drenched as well as various items of clothing. This powwow ended earlier than usual, right after supper. Second trip out to Housing, the staff and flags were being retired and the traveling song was pretty much over while brother's children were being located and herded to the car. Sadly, no pics available for this portion as my time was pretty much taken up with driving hither and yon.

After trying to dance the day before, I had to recuperate. Thus this is posted three days later. I used to be able to dance, cook, drive and track nine kids at the same time during powwows. My timing is definitely off somehow. Or, most likely, the energy of youth outpaces the energy of elders. I see my parents and grandparents advantage of uncles old {young?} enough to chase after youngsters. Ahhh, much becomes clearer, now that I think about it. We are getting too dependent on cell phones. Oh, I didn't mention the replacement for the old fashioned moccasin telegraph?

All cell phone service was out for the three days of the powwow. The Spirits certainly wanted us to pay attention to what we were supposed to be doing is all I can say.

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