21 August 2012

Cadoodles, whatnots and frustrations

Well, it has been a while once again.  Just after I posted the last of my doings, I updated my browser.  And spent several frustrating hours trying to get my various cadoodles and whatnots to work properly.  Some sites worked, some didn't, some games worked, some didn't and nothing worked properly on just the one browser. Of course, I got the many and varied sites working on the Firefox and not the Chrome.  I even resorted to IE.

Still, the most frustrating was looking at my profile on Google+ and not seeing half the things I was used to seeing. When I tried to click the left navigation pane, the dreaded spinning and yellow highlighted "loading" was all I got.

So since the last update about all I've really been doing is researching for my various books and short stories, playing one game on one browser, another on the other one and the third that only worked on Chrome.  I spent several hours playing a game that all I had to do was push one button.  Played games on my computer, cleared disk space....Anything and everything some m--i--g--h--t consider procrastination was attempted to jog my "poor little bird brain" into finding out why Chrome wasn't working properly.  Until just a few minutes ago, all I accomplished in these trying times was several breakthroughs on six of my stories and the setting of various events that brought together the plots and subplots of all my stories.  Alas, there is no reason for not writing those mad revisions and edits that have been on the back burner for one reason or another.

All due to my research this afternoon and finally figuring out that disabling a certain extension was the root cause of my frenzy the past few weeks.  And also, another new update was instituted this very hour.  I haven't checked to see if all the various games, sites and other favs work properly in the newly updated browser.  It also explains some of the changes on my blog, in case you've noticed. The Facebook comment is now available on the share button.  I don't really know if I can moderate those though, so more research will probably be in my near future.  I've also reduced aches and pains of the last month to my ankles and I now ride to most places...least til I remember not to read while walking.

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