01 September 2012

Calendars anyone?

Almost all of my schedule has been rescheduled.  I have a calendar on my wall that I use and now it has a lot of scribbles on a number of days.  Three weeks ago, while under the influence of pain reduction meds, I rescheduled some doings for September for this month which then had to be put back in the proper place.  On that Wednesday, I received a call regarding an unscheduled trip for Sunday which was the start of several days of driving.

A friend stayed over unexpectedly last Saturday which involved two trips in one, yay.  On Sunday I took a two day vacation, then beat it back to the rez Tuesday morning.  My father was to be interviewed as a Veteran for Native Report, show to be aired sometime January or February 2013.  On Wednesday, I had neglected to add a trip on my calendar and thus had to sorely disappoint my father who asked me the day before.  Due to not marking down the other trip, I was in a quandry for a couple hours.  Then, I made arrangements for my nephew to drive for my father while I did the original trip.  Ahhh.  So far so good.

Then on Thursday, I had to make 30 pieces of fry bread by 1130 hrs. I awoke bright and early on said morning.  I commenced to cleaning the kitchen as there was a number of dishes that needed clearing, cleaning and putting back, some of which were needed for my venture.  Eventually, I got to making the bread dough.  Unfortunately, I made the pieces too big resulting in a frantic effort to get another batch ready in order to have the required pieces of bread.  Ahhh, mission accomplished when I delivered the bread.  Yesterday, we drove to town again to make it 12 trips in 13 days.  No wonder my sister calls me "Miss Drive."

Methinks those gremlins who found their way home from the annual tournament sure brought a lot of goods back with them. Rooms in our house have been taken over by boxes and boxes and boxes.  As soon as I've tossed a couple, five more sprout.  Been able to keep the counters fairly clear, so they must be involved in finding storage for their various belongings.  On the other hand, maybe they invited friends for the upcoming holidays seeing as how I haven't been home much to keep up with their doings.   And I think the brownies have gone on vacation as a number of things are disappearing, only to be found in a totally different spot from where they had been.  Which reminds me, is that the charger for my camera that's been missing for sooooo long? Drats, not.

Laundry soap, fabric softener sheets...?  Where oh where have those items gone?  Need to find a calendar to hang on my wall with things properly marked since ricing started today. I am so totally unprepared for some of these events seeing as how my calendar is slightly illegible.  Was I supposed to go somewhere else today?  Or was that for later in the month?  Scribbles are....


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