05 September 2012

Coffee, anyone?

Well, as anyone who needs their morning cup of wakeup juice knows, one needs to put that pot of coffee on to brewing as soon as one wakes up.  Therein, lies the problem.

This morning, I woke up at the early morning hour of 0430 or thereabouts.  Not unusual for me, mind.  I've been working on that dratted code for my blogs and now that I had it fixed for my second favorite haunt, I needed to get the code working for my twelfth favorite haunt which slid to that place as soon as I found the setting for a little doodad that had already been set up for me which I had spent hours trying to get working. heeehn.

Well, the other day, after I had gotten the blog working again, I started my writer's blog seeing as how I could get the settings just so.  I figured that now I would be able to write to my heart's content, having a blog for the different portions of my interests. Theeeen, I went to share it to my second favorite haunt, when, much to my disgust, I could nooot fiiind that little share button.  Well!

I went to sleep.

Then yesterday morning, after pondering on the situation, I copied over the codes I'd need and set to work deciding on exactly which template to use and such other momentous decisions.  Then, before I could implement those decisions, I had to go to town agaaaain, as a replacement for an element crucial to the fixing and cooking of our daily bread was needed.  So, I got home after driving through a blinding rain/wind storm, only to find out I was going to be driving once again today.

I went to sleep.

Sooooo, at 0430, I jumped up, thinking I'd get my decisions done before I had to leave once again.  My son, who just goes to sleep at about the time I wake up, was, as usual, giving me that bleary eyed look.  "Well, I'll just read for an hour."  Decided to put some coffee on.  Fixed the coffee and promptly went to read.  Then decided to play Hexic D.  After about an hour or so, I was able to get to the computer undisturbed as the bleary eyed look had settled into the reluctant sleep of the game player who is much too nice to demand that he use his own devices during his off duty hours.

After getting the one blog working in the mode I desired, I went to get my wakeup juice.  After years of using the Bun coffeepot, one needs to make adjustments.  Or be awake to use the coffeepot that my youngest bought for us years ago.

After an hour and a half of waiting, I had to turn the ... thing on.


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