17 September 2012

Monday again. Haahhn.

Mondays. I hate them upon occasion.  I've been busy editing, revising and drafting.  So much so that I've only been using the search function of my trusty little computer.  With the occasional visit to my second favorite haunt. I finally figured out why I wasn't getting any of the game posts for my second favorite haunt, which has moved to this distinguished position due to the fact that I removed it from the blocked list.  Which situation, I have no knowledge of whatsoever, clearly no idea of how the posts got to that list in the first place.

Must have been during one of my rampages of clearing out old posts, posts that I have no interest in and other such mundane niceties of the social networking so commonplace nowadays.  Yep, that's it.

Not that I was in any way devastated by the removal/reinstatement of the posts.  It's the fact that I wasn't advancing as fast as some of my more active family and friends are in this particular game which involves nothing more than the click of the mouse.  Heehee.  Click of the mouse. What a sight...Click of the mouse.

I haven't even tried to go out ricing this year. My cousins and uncle went a few days.  There's not much more than eating rice, a good thing.  My sister found a partner to go out yesterday.  Only thing missing was paddles.  Yep. No paddles were to be found.  Don't really understand why they still didn't go, there's always Goofy's where they'd only need the pole which was in evidence underneath the canoe. Oooh, need to check the trusty map.  Methinks there were some areas redlined.  Hmmm.

The occasion for my present hatred of this particular Monday is Clean Up. Yep, this day is the never to be forgotten day of washing every dish in the house.  Sadly, I've been so involved with the aforementioned writing that some aspects of housekeeping went the way of the dinosaur.  Other aspects, namely the annual and semi annual, were attended to the past couple of weeks.  Which is part of the reason for the large number of utensils needing to be cleaned.  Besides the fact that I and my sons, my mom and my nephew, have run out of the paper plates we normally use.  Unless, of course, they are on the shelf which has been out of my reach since the house was built.

That's another reason to hate this particular Monday.  Everything seems to be just out of my reach.  My short story is trying to become a much longer piece and doesn't want to behave. My dishwashing is taking extraordinarily long and the towels I washed yesterday absolutely do not want to dry.  Almost every towel, hand cloth and wash cloth have been used in the frenzy of cleaning big items such as the freezer.  Still on the list is the replacement of the dreaded element for the smooth cooktop which I have no idea of how to open without taking every screw, nut, and bolt off.  The very idea is not one of my favorites, as the last time we did something like that, we ended up making three trips to town to find more parts that we had no idea were even there. Besides the fact that the stove will probably need to be dragged from its position between the counter and the refrigerator, which hasn't been cleaned for a year or so.  Ratted.

HaaaaAhhhh.  Monday is half over and tomorrow is...Tuesday.

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