06 January 2013

Ear worms

A comment about ear worms has got me started on the finding out exactly what they are.  And that is what has been happening.  In a sense.  Upon waking up this morning, I heard that song once again.

I last mentioned the quirk a few days ago.  I've since not listened to my playlists as I've been editing hard copy drafts, playing on the net and researching.  I've woken song free for the last couple days.  Thus, I thought the problem solved.

Spent the night and most of the evening over to my sister's working on her laptop.  Her son had given her his laptop as it wasn't working.  They said something about a virus.  Hah.  Very annoying high CPU usage.  The OS went immediately into Safe Mode, whereupon I ran a check of the programs.  Uninstalled the latest version of a free antivirus program.  Voila!  Next sent all the music {my sister doesn't care for their type of music anyways} to the trashbin.

Freed up enough memory to be able to do some basic stuff.  The next problem was making a choice between updating drivers, updating Java, or checking for viruses.  Was able to download the program I use and am now checking for viruses, etc.  So far, the program has found nothing.  After eight hours of checking.

Waiting patiently for the rest of the program's due diligence ref: performance tuneup.  I need to free up more memory to update the rest of the programs.  I think they had tried a system restore as several hours was required for the update to the OS.  Note to self: patience has it own rewards.  Or quit clicking in anger as the computer might crash.

Then my sis put a movie on, "Remember the Titans" with music from the era I grew up in.  There I was jamming to some of the music which put me in mind of looking for these on the net.  Drats.  Forgot all about ear worms and what I had learned.

You'd think, what with the different songs I listened to during the movie, that the song I heard this morning would be one of them.  Nooo.  "Dean trocaira, Dean trocaira, A thiarna.

*Lyrics posted from elyrics dot net.


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