25 January 2013

State of the Band

Wednesday was a big day for us.  The annual State of the Band was held Wednesday afternoon, despite the below zero temp.  It was a bit amusing at the prep stage of the doings.  One of the decorations fell over and it's amusing cause only pride got hurt.  The lights didn't work after that and it was still beautiful.  I didn't take any pics.  Thought my camera was in our room, after all the trouble of charging it.  At the beginning of the meal, I found the dratted thing lying inside my purse.  Aahuuhn. Think the gremlins were a tad frisky after days of cold weather.  Festivities were cut short due to the cold.  Many attendees left before dark.

An RTC meeting was held yesterday, so mom and I had a mini-vacation.  Came home with more than we went with.  Riding in my brother's car was quite the adventure.  Four of us crunched in a teeny car, though we did get all the luggage and oxygen stuff in the trunk.  Made it to the turn-off and had to stop to check the tire.  Tire was dangerously low.  The air at the place we usually go to was off.  Went to the garage, aired up and continued our journey home.  Woulda been stuck in the middle of a frozen creek without snowshoes if they'd have been closed.  Brother called to say he made it home safely.  The gremlins must have been tired out from the sojourn over to the Bay.  That was the only incident today.  They were desultory during the meeting yesterday.  Maybe extreme cold is not their milieu in which to wreak havoc?

Watched my father's piece on Native Report last evening.  He called at 1700 or thereabouts to make sure.

"Yes, father.  That's the reason we're up here.  We can't get the station at home."
"Well, just making sure.  Don't know what time..."
"8:30.  I checked."

I asked for a TV guide, expecting the kind that list the shows.  What I got was an HBO guide.  We had a list of the channels, no program menu on screen.  Mom tried to remember where she had seen a paper.  Went for a stroll around the casino, the lobby.  Finally spotted the Bois Forte News on a chair in the lounge.  I nabbed the thing and looked for the announcement.  Yeah, safe.  Went back to the room and watched the rest of NCIS.  Channel hopped every half hour just to make sure.   Didn't want to get involved with one of my favs and have to explain to my father why I missed his piece.  I'd have been looking for the gremlins to see if I could hide out with them for a while.

"Hello, Father.  Watched your show.  You did pretty good."
"I couldn't hear, just a bunch of mumbling.  You sure?" {Father is 90 next month.}
"Yes.  You were clear.  In fact, you told a couple stories we never heard before."
"Oh?  Well.  When you get home, I could tell you some more."
"Yes, Father.  When I get home."

Managed to avoid the necessity of looking for the gremlins place to hide out in.  Whew...

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