16 March 2013

Time Change-Edit and Finish

Saturday was the change to Daylight Saving Time.  On Sunday, Sis and her son went to town.  She came in with a gift for me.  She said I needed a new coffee cup.  Methinks she took pity on me.  It has the motto "Over the Hill" on both sides.  This motto could have many meanings.

Have you ever contemplated just what "Over the Hill" means?  I've been thinking on this very subject since I received the cup.  She obviously read my latest post, it's probably meant to be a reminder for me.  I am an Elder and shouldn't be doing such things as climbing over snowbanks.

Or it could be that we were going "over the hill" to do the crocheting.

I washed the cup and it sits on the counter, waiting for the first cup of coffee.

Edit:  Thought I finished this.  Oh well.

Since I drink many cups of coffee a day, that motto should help me remember I am "over the Hill" and needs must consider modes of travel and other such things as I took for granted in my young and foolish days.  Let's see...I no longer ride a bike especially since that last one made it's way to the back of beyond.  I don't play softball anymore, twisting and turning doesn't have the meritorious effects as back in the day.  I can't remember why I quit running.  Think it might have been on the day I mis-stepped while reading as I walked.

I don't go bowling anymore as I've finally beaten my sis in not one, but two, get that, two, 2, t w o games out of 15 years of losing every other game.  My days of walking are limited to whether or not it's c o l d outside, specially considering I rarely wear the required clothing.  Heck, I don't even vacuum the house anymore, considering the last time it and I battled for supremacy, the machine won.  Time was, I could fling that machine all over the carpet and still have energy to wash dishes, do the laundry and contemplate the possibility of more tasks.  Man, talk about multi-tasking.  Now, I just contemplate the possibility of doing those tasks.  tch, tch, tch.

And now that I'm over the hill, does that mean I will have easier going, now that it's downhill?...Or is that hill a rise in the landscape, whereupon I will be climbing another hill in short order?  Could it be that I got to the top of the hill, tucked and rolled to the bottom before I could enjoy the scenery?  Think I will go contemplate the landscape in which I now find myself.

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