18 March 2013

March madness

Another post that was started and sat for a while.  March is full of madness this year.  Unless I failed to pay attention to other years.

1.  Mom was diagnosed with cancer.
2.  Father is having problems with the blood thinners.  Rather, the blood thinners are causing problems along with the dry winter air.  He uses a humidifier and air purifier.

A reason to wait for the warm South Wind to start.  I haven't seen the first crow and haven't heard anyone announcing that they've seen one either.  (For us, the crow is the first sign of spring.)

The snow banks are pretty high.  Doesn't help the drought though.  Snow melt will not have time to sink into the ground with it still frozen.  And the ground froze before the snow blanket last fall.  And the high winds in July last year caused a lot of trees to fall over.  Lost some of the windbreak for the winter months.  Cause and effect....yeah.  Thinking about niibi, water, after going to a conference-conversation about it on Friday.

Sometimes, I take the necessities of life for granted.  Oh, I give thanks for the necessities.  The problem is I don't often appreciate it and really think about these things.  I think the heart steps back while the mind races.  Then when the mind is tired, the heart can show appreciation.

I know all things are connected, something happening in one place affects something in another place.  Chaos theory...well.  That explains the power of prayer vs. recitation.  When the heart prays, it is answered.  When the mind prays, it's usually a wait or outright no.  A friend asked if prayers were answered and wanted to know exact instances.  That has been percolating through my little bird brain.

I've had prayer answered.  And the answers are there when I look for them.  I sometimes forget to look for the answers because I have a certain result in mind that is all I can think about.  Because my heart wasn't involved in the prayer, I got a no or wait.  When I can truly say "Your Will, not mine," circumstances work out for the best.  When I can sit and truly appreciate all the gifts I've been given, my heart is overflowing.

Thus, niibi, water in all its forms.  I laugh about tripping over the snowbank.  Well, that's because I knew I was going to fall as my balance was off.  Tried to do so anyway.  At the heart of the matter, I respect the snow, water.  It's been years since I played in the snow, years since I played in the water.  I was told that even the Spirits like to have fun.  Time to remember that.  Instead of grumbling about it, I think I will go out and play with it.

My son and my sis cooking for Thanksgiving one year. 


  1. I'm so sorry about your mom, Millie. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    I could be a better pray-er. I usually do it at bed time when I'm tired and probably shouldn't. But I do remind myself all the time to be thankful for different things. And I really am grateful for so many things.

    We cooked a turkey in the weber one year while camping in the snow. It's a disaster my husband will never live down because it tasted like lighter fluid--it was too cold to keep the charcoal going.

  2. Gotta remember to let the charcoal burn the lighter fluid off, then start cooking. Can you tell the voice of experience? There's a reason I don't cook on charcoal grills. A straight up wood fire is about the best I can do in the outdoors.


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