27 May 2013

getting things right

The past couple months have been a bit of a twister for the family.  Father has been going in and out of the hospital.  This last time, they've kept as they've finally discovered what was wrong.  He still has to have one more surgery in July.  I need to remind him that he'll probably live to be 100.  Still, that's a relief, knowing what is wrong.  Scary, those trips to the ER were.

Then mom had a bout with cancer and now only has to do 6 weeks of radiation therapy.  And nephew has been in pain for months with trips to the ER with one on his birthday.  He is doing fine now that "I'm staying in til they fix me."  He is a giant, over 6 feet and has not really spent time in the hospital before.  IV's the whole time.  He's going to eat lots when he gets home.

And then, I attended a couple meetings with the elders and am going full steam ahead with one project for them.  I have finished my website and checking that all regulations and whatnot have been complied with.  Means talking with lawyers.  My business plan is longer than some of my stories.  Hahaha.  Not to mention the marketing plan, it, too, is longer than my short stories.  They're coming to take me away hahaheehee.  Oh, I thought dealing with the gremlins, brownies and black holes was time consuming.  Sure am glad I decided to make sure half of my stories were ready to publish before I actually started all this part.

And, I see that I still haven't learned to hit the publish button when scheduling posts.  A few things are different about Google, too, I see.  Man, oh, man, leave for a month or two and one has to catch up.

Wawashkeshii, niiwin, mawadisiwag.  Three deer are visiting.  They just left to go up to the village center.  That's not proper sentencing though.  I will be writing a few things more and more in Anishinabemowin along with translations if possible.  Some concepts are hard to describe in English.

Trying to get used to it, as I plan to write a story completely in our language one of these days.  Well, onward to the day's planned activities.  Giigawabimin, see you.

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