03 May 2013

Great good News

Aaniin.  Greetings.  First of all, thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.  Sis took Mom for her followup.  Mom doesn't have to go back for follow ups, though she does have to take pills for two years.  ChiiMiigwitch.  The cancer is not there due to the skill of the doctor.  Thanks once again.

Second, I was in a bit of a quandary yesterday.  Mom and Sis went to Dtown, I was taking our cousin to her doctor's appointment, #3 Sis took Father on his monthly trip to Turtle Lake as he is finally feeling better.  #4 Sis was already in Dtown.  I waited for a phone call about the time I thought Mom should be done.  I went so far as to check my phone for a missed call or a text.  Nothing.  Finally, broke down and called #3 to find out.  Wonder of wonders!  She sounded on the verge of panic.

"Where were you?  I tried to call."  

"I thought my phone rang.  Checked and there was nothing."

"Well, I called.  We got lost."

"Where are you now?"



"Well, I think we just passed Twig."

Now, mind you, I am famous in the family and environs for getting lost in parking lots.  #3 and I arrived home within half hour of each other.  The full story came out.

Mom's first appointment was in the morning.  They arrived without any trouble.  Then, discovered they had to wait two hours for a second appointment.  So, they left and went to eat and traipse about town.  Met up with #4 Sis while checking in with #1 Granddaughter.  Sort of a mini-family reunion.

Then, Mom and Sis went back to the clinic complex and parked.  They got the good news and proceeded to exit the building.  Couldn't find the parking lot.  Asked people, checked out all hallways marking "Parking Lot" and went through a number of skywalks.  Sis was on the verge of crying.  Finally, they asked a nurse who helped them find their car.  Many thanks to the nurse who took it upon herself to help, even though she was getting ready to clock out.  After two hours, they arrived at the car, settled in for the ride home.  I told her I'd done that to our cousin once when she had to go there and I ended up having to get a wheel chair for her while I found the right elevator.  (Mom and Cousin are the same age.)

Further questioning revealed that she'd parked in a lot I'd never heard of.  I think I had seen one in the general area she described.  She didn't even have her parking ticket with her.  It was on the seat.  It's an "ancient" car, no panic button on the keys.  First time any one in the family lost the parking lot.

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