10 April 2013

Reviewing, editing, etc.

Normally, this post would be on my writerly journal.  Only, I was looking over the blog posts I had turned into a book from this very blog not too long ago when I was unsure if I would be able to keep the blog.  Long story there.  At any rate, I had rambled about the little people and then mentioned the ones who eat socks in the washer.  Well, this brought up the memory of the time my sis and I lived in the same house.  Laundry day.  Sis was transferring the clothes to the dryer.

"Hey.  You know, there really are creatures who eat socks.  Look at this."

I ran to the laundry room to see her holding up a sock that was definitely chewed upon.  I shook my head with a raised eyebrow.  (This is the sister who can't resist the Gullible sign on my forehead.)

"Really.  I just took it out of there."

I kept one eye upon her countenance as I took the few steps over to the washer.  One never knows with her.  She can keep a serious look upon her face until the Gullible sign has lit up and she knows she has pulled the latest and greatest of her career.  I look into the washer, not knowing what to expect.

It was empty.

I wonder.  She is still examining the sock.  I ponder.

"I had to pull this out of there.  Whatever it was, it had a hold on the sock."

My eyebrow raised again.  Does she not remember that I've watched her as she's planned things for others who also have Gullible written on their foreheads?

I reach into the machine to check it out.  I had to.  I could see nothing there.  I take the agitator off to look.  Yes, there are bits of thread hanging.  I finally believe her.  She still has the puzzled look on her face.

And thus the reason for my post.  I think about that ever so often.   Was that a shining example of her cleverness and she giggles to herself when she thinks upon it?  Or is there really a creature who eats socks?


  1. Very clever. Sounds like you have a great sibling relationship.


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