04 April 2013

April Fools is over, yay

Well, it's over til next year any way.  Of course, I went about my day in ignorant bliss of the real meaning of the day.  How, might you ask, could I have forgotten what 01 April, the first of April, All Fool's Day, had in store for me?  I've marked the day on the calendar.  I've posted notes about it all over.  Why, I even marked it on the tool thingey on my phone, specifically to remind me.  No, my day didn't start with the usual prank.  Thus, the reason for the false sense of security.

I meandered through the blogosphere, then checked out a few of my favorite haunts, wrote furiously on a book or two, checked another program or three.  Read over the planned revisions according to a few comments.  Debated on the necessities: a full meal, a sandwich or the usual chips and coffee for breakfast.
Oh.  Then is when I made the mistake of venturing out into the bright light of a full morning sun.

On 01 April known to the rest of the world as "All Fool's Day."

I happily went to fulfill a promise I had made to my father to do his taxes.  All went well til I printed out the forms.  No ink.  Tried to close the printer dialogue, closed out the entire program instead.  Left in a huff, after father and I had a few choice words over the saving of work on a computer.  We, and I really mean he, wanted to hit the efile button without saving the work we had just finished.  I wanted to at least print it out, just in case.  Turns out, neither of us got what we wanted.

What, might you ask, has this to do with being fooled? Not too very much.  'Cept, maybe, just maybe, mind, the thunderous look on my face as I walked about here and there stopped any further thoughts of pranks around me for the day.

Thank you father, for saving me from the usual "April Fools" accompanying the sinking feeling in my innards.

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  1. I'm always a tad fearful on April Fools' Day. So glad it's over :P


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