06 June 2013

The craziest things happen...

All I can say is it's a good thing my niece is level headed and well grounded.  She's become the latest in sensations on the web and on the news circuits.  She had a baby, a very welcome family addition.  She has been inundated with the usual hullabaloo after one story while she was in the hospital.

After seeing the comments on the story posted to Facebook, I figured that might happen.  Hopefully, the rest of the family won't add fuel to the negativity that some of the comments on the reports inevitably bring out.

It used to be that such things were "fifteen minutes of fame."  Now, it's more like fifteen seconds.  Though with her being a runner, it might last "fifteen minutes."  Both my niece and nephew are very loving, caring people.  And they'll ride this one out and get on with their lives.

And, of course, she'll be at Grandma's doing her best, as she always does.

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