18 July 2013

***Week 3 Mom's therapy

Time speeds up and then slows down.  The past two weeks have been busy.  Even though I've tried to schedule appointments and other things on a calendar, things inevitably get missed.  First priority is Mom's therapy.  All else will have to wait til I get to them.  teehee. ***This post was never finished as life inevitably intruded upon my writing time.
Mom is now finished with the therapy.  After leaving the Radiation Therapy Center, we went home and picked up my sis and traveled to our local casino and stayed over night.  Yesterday was a day of catching up on things in preparation for leaving for Father's last surgery for the correction of his condition.

I've been doing things more miss than hit since February when we found out about the cancer.  Scary times, though there were many events that helped lighten the load.  We celebrated the birth of Mom's latest great granddaughter.

And the worry about Father has reduced itself to the usual, as he is happily playing around with his new computer.  Although last night I received a bit of consternation.  He came to the house on his scooter, a motorized wheelchair thingamajig and made some worrying comments about changing a password.  I hadn't finished the updating of the computer as I was trying to figure out how to add the printer when I left with Mom and Sis on Tuesday.  I did the login stuff and left them for him.  He was trying to get on and a password came up and this is what was changed.  Huhhn.  Not a good thing to hear.

Of course, I had sent the new computer, still in it's box up to his house.  Mistake.  Of course, he said he'd just look at the box until I was able to get there and set it up.  Ahhh, hmm.  Fell for that one.  It was too much to expect that he'd actually wait to open the box.  A simple setup turned into several hours of...hunting is the best word.  I needed to make sure all the parts were still there along with the instruction books.  Especially the instruction books.  Some of you might remember from previous posts that my father is from the old school...When all else fails, read the instructions...The computer is one of those Windows 8 ones and a Gateway.  I'm not too familiar with Gateway setups as we've always gotten HP's.  So....

I will be heading up to his house whereupon I hope to finish getting his computer ready for him.  Yes.  Life is back to normal for us.  I suppose the Grmlngs will be making their appearance once again.  Thankfully, they didn't show whilst all the traveling back and forth was being carried out.

Passwords, Logins, and Servers Down, here I come.

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