20 February 2014

Winter Blahs

Over here in the NorthWoods area, I was about ready to trade in my hat and mitts for the ole run in the outdoors look of "windblown" hair and polish my nails for the tap dancing routine I'm working on for St. Patrick's day.

Went to Father's to work on some opening lines for the next few unsuspecting vic...uh, friends and neighbors.  Thereupon, I promptly spent the rest of the afternoon downloading, updating, reloading and other assorted tasks that I thought I'd streamlined a few months ago.  Came out to "take five" and the snow was just starting.  Not too bad.  Plans were afoot to head over to you know where.

Howsomeever, after the fifth "take five," *I decided that it'd be best if I just came home, hop on the internet, play a few games and go to sleep, thinking on how to get to the next dag...ahh, methinks CC will just have to be played in a desultory fashion.  Then, my next door neighbor calls and re-ignites my desire to head over to you know where.  Howah, I thinks to myself.  Whereupon I asks Mom if she wanted to go.  "Nope."  Huuhn.

Whatever happened to the determination to drive in any kind of weather?  Heehh.  When did I learn the folly of driving in such weather as what is now blanketing the northland?  When did we stop considering it a badge of honor to head out anywhere, anywhen, anyhow?  For, you see, I was secretly relieved when Mom said no.  Tsk, tsk.

Now, I think I'll have to pull out the ole hat and mitts, find my trusty socks, if only to avoid Father's pithy comments about my lack of proper dress for the weather. Mayhap, I can find a better tapdance routine to practice between now and March 17.

%( is how I'll be looking in the morning, methinks.

*In reality, my "take five" at the Store, a friend or two had convinced me that it would be in my best interest to stay at home.

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