29 March 2014

Winter Blahs Part II

Winter is fast closing in on my imaginary world.  When it is cold, blowing snow, sleet, hail and wobbling treetops dangerously close to falling over, snapping off dead branches, I can usually escape to my imaginary world.  The one where my stories take place in seasons the complete opposite of the ones in reality.  Howsomeever, the past few weeks have brought those worlds in danger of collision.

Methinks it started the fifth day of losing the same level on the dreaded CC on that seventh favorite haunt and now it's close to six weeks later.  Am I obstinate or what?  Or is it persistence?  Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, the way I go back to that same game.  Addicted?  Nah, couldn't be that.

I tell myself I won't play today, that game is just trying to get me to buy those expensive little helpers and I can beat that game.  However, I think it might be that thing got stuck in one of those time loops or space warps that keeps sending me back to the same point.  Lost most of the carefully hoarded helps I won on that daily bonus thingy.  Uses to get many lives and moves from friends.  Now that has dwindled to just a few per day.  Oh well, might just try to play one more time.  This might just be the lucky day.

On another note, the storm's aftermath yesterday caused me to post a rant over on the twitter site.  With so many people stuck indoors, the dreaded perfume pervades the air.  On top of the "Non-toxic" cleaners used for floors, walls and ceilings alongside the air filtering/cleaning systems.  Clean Indoor Air Act?  Hmm.  Must ponder that one.  Ended with a headache which intensified the ache in my toe which I severely strained also at the beginning of this March madness.  Of course, the nutty drivers from the day before doubled yesterday making driving extremely dangerous.  Sure was glad to get back in the neighborhood where I only had to watch for those darn wawashkeshe, deer.

Stopped by the store to let son and sis know I was home safely only to find out there was a bit of excitement in the village.  A bear, a big one, has woken up and is prowling around looking to assuage its winter-long hunger.  Oh my. That bear sanctuary is only a few miles from here and of course it doesn't open til after the bears have settled into their summer routines.  Fall and spring can be pretty dangerous, what with people feeding those wild animals.

Hm.  Methinks it's a good thing Camp NaNoWriMo is only two days and some odd hours away.  Might be safer for me to go back to that imaginary world where I can slay my dragons, befriend bears, and turn aside the winds with a flick of my wrist. Or is it?

*Edited the title.  Been so long I forgot I already used the aforementioned title.

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