24 June 2014

IT Guy, where are you?

Just spent an agonizing hour checking out why I couldn't get on the net.  With a break for lunch down to the Migizi Room for a light lunch where I won a bag from the Fitness Center. Prior to leaving, I'd frantically left a message for the IT guy to help me decipher what the heck a network adapter was and why it wasn't working.  Well.  No answering phone call, so I debated whether or not to call my former trusty IT guy, who is now the trusty IT guy at the Radio station.  Hmmph.

Then, my ride for the luncheon doings arrived and I happily rode down there, leaving the vexing problem of network cable unplugged, plugged, unplugged.  What the heck is a network cable?  That question I promptly left to figure itself out.

Upon my arrival back home, an hour or so later, I checked.  Still, no internet, no brownies around to magically fix my network adapter cable or even leave me a note letting me know what I was looking for.  Luckily for me, my brother had given me a ride home from Father's where I was trying to hunt down the red bag that was mysteriously missing for days upon days.  That red bag contains a machine that I've been looking for since about the middle of April.  Man, it's already the middle of June.  Two months?  Time is surely not anywhere near those black holes where I hear time slows down to a snail's pace.  Or even slower than a snail.

There we were, sitting in the living room, looking at the type of bag he and his kids were supposed to be looking for.  On the day I found out where that red bag was, I didn't have time to go get it.  Thought it'd be okay since I'd told my father that it was mine.  He'd put a red bag on the trunk of the other car in his garage.  And of course, we were on our way out of state.  So, after how many trips did I make to his house to log him in to his computer?  And how many did he make to our house for fry bread and other goodies?  How many times did I take him to town?  Well.

Come to find out, Father had told my brother he didn't want that bag there anymore and so Brother took it and now it has gone on it's merry way around the world, the galaxy.  Maybe even, daring the black hole to gobble it up.  Where is it?  In the midst of discussing this vexing problem, the other vexing problem leapt out of the dark shadows where it had been lurking, waiting for it's chance to further vex me.

As I stated before, luckily, brother had given me the ride home.  Because he helped me solve the question of what a network cable is.  We'd taken out the ethernet cable, switched it around and he, naturally, plugged it back in in a different spot.  Yay.  I did a few cartwheels and am now dancing around my room, the hall, the living room. With only an occasional break to wonder about the mysterious red bag's whereabouts.

Now, you may be asking yourselves this?  Why in the world doesn't she know what a network adapter is, what a network cable is?  Well, when I come upon such vexations, my first impulse nowadays is to jump on the net, Google it, and failing that, get in touch with the support people who are no longer so happy to get calls from me as my computer is close to 4 years old and I had neglected to pay for the support after the warranty runs out.  Being as it was the network connection that was out, I could not get on the net.  I know, I tried.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I actually hit the Chrome button, hoping the brownies had some magic left and it would connect long enough for me to find out what I needed to know.

And no, I didn't use my son's computer, even I'd gone to check if he could get on the net.  Why?  Because I didn't want to suffer through the beady eye phase when he discovered that I'd messed up his settings.  Never fails, when I try to use his computer, I very carefully try not to hit the wrong button.  And I do.  Thus, the beady eye.  Though lately, it might just be edging closer to the evil eye.

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