19 April 2016


Potatoes.  Now, I have a love/hate relationship with potatoes.  Oh, not for the reason that’s probably lurking in your thoughts bout now.  Nah, it’s cause I have to cook them.  There’s this skillet dish I cook that’s made of potatoes, eggs, onion, green peppers, upon occasion some kind of meat.  I usually make this dish on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Upon occasion, I’m asked to make it on other mornings.  And there’s the hate part.  It’s not that I have a hard time to cook it.  It’s actually pretty easy and only takes about an hour from start to finish.  Think it’s more that it upsets my routine.  Even though I don’t work at a regular 9-5, I do have these projects that I’m sure some of you are aware of.  If not, feel free to check out some of my other blogs.  Or take out a subscription to the Bois Forte News or check it on line.

So, here’s my schedule: 0400 or thereabouts, I get up, make coffee, sit for a few minutes, contemplating the day.  When the sun rises, I start writing, for bout 2 hours.  Take a break, Write some more, an hour or so.  Well, it’s not a constant, peck, peck, peck.  But you get the idea.  Long bout 0900 or thereabouts, I’m usually done writing.  Then I do whatever needs to be done round the house.  Anything not done by Noon must wait til the next day.  Afternoons and evenings are for whatever my little heart desires.  Or if someone has asked me to do something.  Now, I checked out all these time management tips and such to help me get into the habit of writing and get things done.  Cause we aren’t all blessed with having “servants.”  No one thinks about the fact that I have things to do cause they think that my absence at a 9-5, or in the case here, 8-4:30, I must have all this time and that I’m bored.

As everyone who has, or intends to, make a living by selling their writing, whatever that may be, writing involves a lot of brain work.  And these particular people are aware of the folly of having those thoughts interrupted, particularly when an idea to solve a specially annoying plot problem has just occurred and one hasn’t yet written it down.  Then, interruption occurs right at the crucial  moment.

Now, I understand the necessity of food, drink or medical appointments.  I don’t want to give the idea that I don’t respond to a crisis.  It’s just that cooking fried potatoes doesn’t always jibe with what’s going on in my head at the moment.  It’s not an emergency as there’s other food that can be eaten at the time.

The other reason that I hate potatoes is when the guilt sets in and I get up and cook those potatoes at an unscheduled time.  Hummh.  A quandary sets in, cause then I’ve ruined the good mood of the person asking me, cause in the end I do love to cook potatoes as they’re easy, fast and smells good.

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