20 April 2016

Quick Oats

Quick cooking oats.  I could only think of quick when I checked out foods that start with “Q” and yes, I know, quinoa.  Well, I just barely heard about quinoa and it’s not a part of my life.  I also wanted to post about oatmeal as it been a big part of my life.  Light bulb!  Quick cooking oats.  Yes.  

If I had to estimate how many times I’ve eaten oatmeal, well, it just boggles my mind.  However, I will give it a try.  59 years x 365 days/3 meals x 4 days x 52 weeks x 59 years.  Hmm, looks a bit complicated as I don’t want to figure out the formula that I’m pretty sure an accomplished mathematician would.  Mayhaps, even an accountant?  Let’s see, that probably works out to about 88,092,506.66666667 times I’ve eaten oatmeal in my relatively long life.  You must remember, I am a member of a race that only has a lifespan of about 72 years which is a long ways from the one I grew up hearing bout- 42 years for our life expectancy. According to the latest, I have about 13-14 years left in which to eat oatmeal 3-4 times per week, adding a few more thousand of those. Hmm, Does that mean I’ll have eaten oatmeal bout 1,000,000 times in my life?  Cause I haven’t accounted for the times I’ve eaten oatmeal twice in one day.  

Well, that means then that I’ll have eaten toast at least that many times.  Maybe even more, since we eat toast with hamburger gravy, sometimes, just by itself.  Well.  Need to ponder on that.  Well, I did get so tired of eating oatmeal when I was a teen that I said I wouldn’t eat it as much.  And now what do I do?  Cook it at least 4 times a week.  MMMmmm.  With butter and brown sugar and toast or crackers.  Yep.  A delicious meal.  With the occasional sausage link, mostly cause the only place I eat the sausage patty is when I go to the “Bear” and eat their breakfast buffet.  Or if a restaurant happens to offer the patty, in which case I promptly order at least two.  No, I rarely cook bacon as I don’t particularly care to cook it.  It’s extremely hard for me to get the bacon to be exactly the way I like it every single time I cook it.  If it was more on the order of hamburger, I might eat it cause then I could cook it just right.  (Does this sound a bit like Goldilocks?)  

Anyway, Quick cooking oats.  When I learned how to cook it, I found out that one really needs to follow a recipe or it’ll take years.  I finally learned the secret of making it creamy.  I was in a hurry one day and threw the oatmeal in the pan before the water boiled.  And it turned out that that was the best.  Happy Day!
*But Dr. Ted Marrs wrote the memo on April 26, 1976, and its subject was the original Indian Health Care Improvement Act. He wrote: “In 1974 the average age at death of Indians and Alaskan natives was 48.3. For white U.S. citizens the average age of death was 72.3. For others, the average age was 62.7.”http://www.dailyyonder.com/progress-native-american-health/2010/05/10/2732/

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