28 April 2016

The Letter X

X.  The letter X is a mighty difficult letter to find a word that starts with it.  Don’t think we even have that letter x or it’s sound in Anishinabe.  And no, I’m not going to take the time to research it.  And really when one thinks about it, most of the words that do start with that letter sound like other letter sounds, like xylophone or…or…hiac.  Stumped me thoroughly right there.

Asked my youngest son if he could think of a word that starts with that letter.  XBox.  I thought of x’d out.  Hmm.  Quite the quandary for us.  Didn’t ask the Eldest, who has access to plenty of the weirdling words in his jaunts through cyberspace.  He’d probably come up with something that’d be hard for me to even think about, much less write about.  I don’t follow the role playing games, the video games or even much of the science fiction type stuff anymore.  Much of it’s just too esoteric for me now.  Aack.  It’s just that I might be just a tad bit lazy.  Or is it that I might just find myself dragged into one of those black holes that one can get dragged into so very easily when flitting here and there about the above mentioned cyberspace.  I do have a tendency to get lost and take days, even weeks, to find my way back to this reality.

So.  Cooking, nah.  Nothing in that category either.  Is there even anything the particular category titled Cooking/Food that I could even contemplate?  Methinks, that siren call of the ‘Net is beginning to make itself heard above the music I’ve set up so that I can write to my heart’s content.  This blasted laptop and that dagnabbed mouse thingy right in the middle of the top, that’s sitting right where I sometimes rest my hand whilst trying to think of the next word to type.  It also controls the mouse tail that I sometimes have to send the mouse itself on a mad dash around the mouse pad so that that tail can be spotted somewhere on the screen and I can bring it back into line.

Sometimes, I can’t even find the spot where those few letters that I typed have ended up.  And upon occasion, I’ve even caused my computer to save, delete or otherwise do something that I specially didn’t want it doing at the particular time my hand, thumb or wrist decided that it needed a rest.  Sometimes, I think the laptop mouse pad itself leaps right up to my dangling thumb as I type.

Ahh, methinks that those gremlins have been patient long enough and have decided that my life needs to become a bit more interesting as my year of mourning comes to a close.  We’ll see what happens in the next few days.  I’m thinking that I’ve come up with a plan to fool those gremlins.  Think I’ll just contemplate the letter x for a few more days.

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