27 April 2016


Watermelon.  Yes, I don’t care for watermelon.  Not sure why.  Everyone else likes it.  Least enough to eat it when it’s served.  I pass 99.8% of the time.  Once every third blue moon, I’ll eat it.  When my sons and I lived by ourselves, they didn’t get much in the way of such things as watermelon.  Might be that’s why we ended up living with Mom.  Least they got more of a variety of foods to eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I did cook.  Just not things I didn’t much care for.  Course most of this time was when I was experimenting with cooking.  Even though I had to cook when I was young and foolish, I didn’t really learn how to cook much of anything.  Well, for one thing, since we bought food in bulk, we ended up cooking the same meals, day in, day out, week after week.  And it got boring.

Why?  Hmm, thinking it was mostly cause we rarely had all the ingredients necessary for most of the recipes.  Oh, there were spices that Mom used and I learned to put in the food.  But…yeah, yeah, yeah, here comes the but.  A word I am trying very hard to get out of my vocabulary, due in great part to one of my counselors telling us that “But” was just an excuse.  Along with “can’t,” there isn’t much that can be done, thought or said without some serious editing. Anyway, back to the spices and watermelon.

Watermelon was something we only bought like twice a year, in the summer, like in July or August.  Sort of like the pumpkins that were only purchased like once a year.  Same with the spices.  And it wasn’t very cost-effective to buy a whole can of spice just for one time of experimenting.  Cause then it would just go to waste.  Course that took many, many moons for that to sink into my head.

And watermelon comes in different sizes so I wouldn’t really need to buy the whole big watermelon.  Heck, it’s even sold by the slice nowadays.  And it’s on my list for the garden.  So, it shouldn’t really…Oh, oh.  Another word I was advised to watch out for as shouldn’t implies perfection.  And wouldn’t.  Man, oh man, I’ve not been so conscious of all the words I have been trying to remove from my vocabulary.  Ahh, well, there’s another goal, habit? Something I can use when revising.  Added to the list of things I’d much rather not be doing, eating or saying, well.  I lead a pretty active life, since I am busy trying to not do something.  And the other part, I’ve been off looking at the greener grass over to my next state over neighbor’s yard.  Yep, that’s what can happen in these days of the ‘Net.

Ahh, well, methinks I’ll just plant a watermelon seed or two and see if I can learn to like watermelon as much as my family does.

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